Art exhibition of De Palma Davide “Karma” in Orsini Art Cafe Benevento

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Karma ‘from the Indian’ Kárman ‘indicates the principle of’ cause-effect ‘in Indian religions and philosophies. A concatenation principle according to which each action causes a reaction.

This is the theme of the recent pictorial research of De Palma, which the artist mentions Alessandra Chiusolo has defined as a set of ’emotional landscapes’. “Light and color games,” wrote Chiusolo, “enhance interior landscapes. Emotions captured, shaded, on the canvas represent through warm and cold tones endless interiority faces.

“The pictorial view of De Palma revolves around the fulcrum of abstract art intended as a pure description of moods through color, lines and shapes that are beyond the objective representation of reality. In this regard, Nietzsche said that “the human understanding is nothing more than a gimmick, a network of metaphors stitched together of our superficial impressions of the world. In their ignorance, people wrongly recognized these family metaphors for the truth. We believe we know something of the same things when we speak of trees, colors, snow, and flowers, but do not own anything but metaphors for things – metaphors that do not correspond in any way to the original subject. ” Davide unhinges precisely these metaphors. His landscapes, devoid of any tangible reference, vibrate inside the canvas as if they were the primordial visions flashbacks. His works? small windows into lost worlds. “

I was born in Benevento in 1978. I spent my childhood in Pago Veiano village in the province of Benevento cultivating from an early age a love of drawing, music, poetry and literature. I write my first poems at the age of twelve, while beginning the study of my instrument the guitar and cultivate a passion for drawing. I graduated from a technical institute in Benevento and passion for Art in 2003 leads me to Bologna where I study two years at the Academy of Fine Arts and I live my path to painting. I am currently in Montefalcone di Val Fortore. The constant in my life is the love for the art, the search continues deepening of the sense and ways of expression of emotions.


Mostra personale di De Palma Davide "Karma" in Orsini Art Cafè Benevento
Mostra personale di De Palma Davide “Karma” in Orsini Art Cafè Benevento
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