Faveus – the pure color

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“Faveus” art movement of short duration but high developmental impact in the art world.

In their works is “The exaltation of pure color” the use of an “explosive color”. It is no longer important if the meaning of the work but it becomes important to the shape, the color, the immediacy.

The emotional impact of “pure colors combined, recovered from the “impressionists“, the use of clear color, the exaltation of the primitive power of art differentiated the Faveus from other currents that coexisted.

Their greatest legacy is the German Expressionism.

Henri Matisse the exponent of the most outstanding Faveus worked the final dividend with the optical color: a feminine nose, it could be green if the expression and contributed to the composition of a painting. He said: I do not paint women; I paint pictures .


Henri Matisse – Open window – 1905


In his research yellows they were matched to violet, red to green, blue to orange; Matisse was looking for the combination of the colors, their agreement or contrast.

The color was distributed vehemently on the canvas and with an immediacy that does not cover it completely. The primary colors approached the complementary colors with the obvious intent to strengthen the contrast of timbre.

Color is a personal expressive element, subjective, completely independent of the reality of things.

Some quote by Henri Matisse on his own art:

“… I want to achieve above all else, is the expression …

The expression for me, not in the passion that suddenly appear on a face or who will emerge with a violent movement. It’s all available to my picture: the place occupied by bodies, the gaps that are around them, the proportions, everything has its own importance.

The compositions is the art of arranging in a decorative manner the various elements of which painting has to express their feelings … A work involves fits together; all useless would take, in the viewer’s mind, the place of a particular essential … “

“I worked to enrich my understanding, to meet the different needs of my spirit, striving my entire being to the understanding of the different interpretations of plastic art dates from the old masters and modern.



Henri Matisse – View of Collioure – 1905



Henri Matisse -The Dance – 1910





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