Emil Nolde, master of color

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Emil Nolde, one of the greatest expressionists of his time.

He wrote: There is blue silver, blue sky and blue thunder. Each color in the interior has a soul that makes me happy or repels me or that I acts as a stimulus The colors range between heaven and earth


Emil Nolde – Marshy Landscape under the Evening Sky

Nolde painting meant this: the means of grasping the deepest emotion. He not depicted what he saw but what he felt, so much so that to represent the landscape did not use that few synthetic traits. The definition was given with the colors, with those “of colors storms.”

In his paintings are imprinted his vigorous brushwork and powerful, expressive choice of color golden yellow, dark red and blue, giving a quality of light and bright tones.



Inspired by the great masters: Van Gogh, Gauguin and Munch, trying their way to represent reality, without being forced to play it in an objective way.

Emil Nolde, 1867-1956

She had another name: Hansen, but then changed it to Nolde, the name of the country where he was born, to prove to everyone that he had strong ties with his land.

He studied in many European cities, before he became such a great artist.

He started painting later, after working as a cabinet maker.
Most of his work is full of big emotions typical of German Expressionist artists.

His goal was to capture that lives in the heart of things and transform nature enriching it with their own thought and spirit.
At first, when the dictator Hitler began to spread his ideas in Germany, Emil Nolde it was a little ‘concerned, but then realized his mistake and became very critical, so that the Nazis prohibited him from painting or drawing because it was considered a “threat” to society.
But he continued to do it, to think, to figure out what was right and wrong, not caring of the rules that had been imposed, and also to say what he said was wrong.

And so he lived in Germany, even laboriously, until he died in 1956.


Emil Nolde Landscape in red light


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