Decorating with paintings

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The decor is a personal projection is the applied taste. Everyone chooses what makes him feel good and comfortable.

The choice of decorative paintings becomes something unconscious, spiritual, it seems almost a non-conscious, primitive choice.

The colors, shapes, technique and emotions contained in each work of art are unique, they are original in that framework and come to each and every one of us in a different, unique, personal, transcendental way. The picture becomes an emotion and a personal language that varies from person to person.

Purple emotion 2017 70x50 olio dipinto moderno astratto
Purple emotion 2017 70×50 olio dipinto moderno astratto

Decorations are usually chosen to fit the color of the walls, furniture, and other objects in the room.

All this is incorrect, paintings and artwork must have their own space, they must be visible. And this is achieved by leaving the right spaces for painting and artwork, leaving them breathing.

The emotion that transmits a picture must be absorbed by those who look at it, in a home, placed in the right wall in the right room.

The choice of the colors of the works then depends on the type of environment. In a convivial room where more people gather, as can be the kitchen, they fit very warm colors, alive such as red, yellow, orange, green (that color can be defined as neutral in hot and cold) .

Hot colors stimulate those who look at them, transmit energy.

Le vie en rose 01 2016 90x60 olio dipinto moderno astratto
Le vie en rose 01 2016 90×60 olio dipinto moderno astratto

In the rooms where we relax like the living room and especially the bedroom, the cool colors like blue, purple, cyan, green. They transmit calm, relaxation, they are enveloping and at the same time stretch the strains.

Nowadays the market is flat with prints, copies, reproductions, which have no value that they can not replace what transmits an original picture, hand painted. Especially because an original work takes value over time and is a great investment.

Sea glow, 50x70, dipinto moderno astratto
Sea glow, 50×70, dipinto moderno astratto
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