Chromotherapy: the effect of colors on our brain

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Rainbow rhapsody 

Curing with colors is possible.

The effect of the different shades on our mood is now proven, but colors can also influence vital parameters: to prove it is a study by the Neurology head of the San Raffaele Pisana Institute in Rome, Piero Barbanti.

The study analyzed not only the influence of colors on mood and the psychophysical state of patients, but also that of the presence or absence of light.

Our brain undergoes the impact of different shades, triggering different chemical reactions that can, for example, increase or decrease the hormonal production, stimulating moods like sadness or joy.

The neurologist Piero Barbanti explained:

“Warm tones, like shades of red, have the ability to improve mood, pressure, heart rate and muscle activity. Cold ones like blue, on the other hand, are useful in case of anxiety, muscle tension and arterial hypertension . “

According to the results, green and blue are the colors most chosen by people: symbolically associated with relaxing scenarios, they are often also recommended by interior decorators for the tones of the bedrooms.

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Sky element III 60×60 cmAccording to Barbanti:

“It is known that blue has a weight in reducing heart rate, arterial pressure and breath rate by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Furthermore, both colors stimulate creativity and artistic abilities.”

Of course red is considered a “passionate” color, not always linked to positive emotions: it can represent love and energy, but also death with a symbolic call to the blood.

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Did you see my rainbow,

Its main peculiarity is to stimulate aggression, thanks to the increase in testosterone in humans: it is therefore particularly suitable for physical activities such as races and competitions, and for sport in general.

If anyone believes they are simply symbolic links,

the San Raffaele expert replies as follows:

“It is not a question of superstition: in fact, there is a thriving literature that has shown that, in the last fifty years, the English Premier League has been won mainly by those who wore red uniforms. The same thing has happened also to Taekwondo athletes and boxers of Athens Olympics 2004. “

Black is considered a color that can increase depressive states and has always been associated with sadness and anguish.


According to the results of the study, those who suffer these states are more inclined to choose “negative” colors, such as the shades of black and gray, while among the “neutral” colors tend to reduce the red: finally, it tends to completely abolish those ” positive “like green and, in particular, yellow:

“The influence exerted by the emotional system on the hypothalamus puts the patient in a state of rejection of important visual stimuli, preferring poorly luminous tones, in perfect harmony with the more general rejection of life, typical of the depressed.”

Finally, Professor Barbanti also focused on the presence or absence of light, which includes all the main shades: according to the study, it can have important therapeutic properties.

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