Original abstract paintings: “Compositions” Collection

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Original abstract paintings for sale online, executed in a single original, hand painted by the Artist Painter Davide De Palma

Exclusive, original works, inspired by the harmony of nature, by the suggestion of light.

In this “Compositions” collection of original paintings, the aerworks are juxtaposed to each other, creating a harmonious balance. Suitable for an exclusive and particular furniture, for all environments.

“I love to express myself through painting, the harmony of colors, the suggestion of light. Games of light and color that enhance interior landscapes. Emotions captured, faded, on the canvas represent the infinite faces of interiority through warm and cold tones.

Quadri astratti originali in vendita online
Original abstract paintings

Explore the selected collection of exclusive paintings:


A set of paintings linked by the same line of composition, forming a single painting, to be able to personalize it to exalt what you like.





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