Hand-painted paintings, unique : “Emotional Landscapes” Collection

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Hand-painted paintings, unique and exclusive for sale online, created in a single original, by the Artist Painter Davide De Palma

Contemporary artworks, originals, inspired by the harmony of nature, by the suggestion of light.

In this “Emotional Landscapes” collection of hand-painted paintings, the artworks are inspired by the reflection of light at sunset, by the incomparable beauty of nature in an enchanted landscape, by the motility of the clouds in the sky. Paintings made with the technique of color and oil and acrylic, of pure expressionist inspiration, suitable for heterogeneous environments, perfect for decorating every wall of a house, opening a small window on the world.

Hand-painted paintings - Artist Painter Davide De Palma
Hand-painted paintings

The last reflection of light at sunset, the sound of rain, the thunderstorm far in the woods, all forgotten sea waves you have ever seen and every spring scent you remember since childhood, are only a few of the endless inspirations Davide De Palma decodes in his art.
His abstract language comes to life without much effort, by using oil on canvas, few bushes, a palette knife and predominantly his fingers. Every touch is a reflection of his inner soul and mind that travels beyond the barriers of art and logic. This artist is a chromatic magician, who allows you to surrender yourself in the beauty of another cosmos.” by Artlimes.com – Art Gallery online

Explore the selected collection of exclusive contemporary paintings:


Express the inner emotions of being through the forms of a landscape, of a sunset sky,





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