The Artist

I have a deep correlation with any artwork that I paint,

which is born in my mind by taking inspiration from the matchless beauty of nature, by the reflection of light of a sunset, by the sound of the rain, by inebriating scents of spring.

I impress on the canvas the image that was created by painting spontaneously, continuing until the painting does not come to life and begins to communicate with me.

The informal abstract is the language that I prefer and the technique is oil on canvas, using brushes, palette knife and my fingers.

Short bio

I was born in Benevento in 1978. I spent my childhood in Pago Veiano village in the province of Benevento cultivating from an early age a love of drawing, music, poetry and literature. I write my first poems at the age of twelve, while beginning the study of my instrument the guitar and cultivate a passion for drawing. I graduated from a technical institute in Benevento and passion for Art in 2003 leads me to Bologna where I study  at the Academy of Fine Arts and I live my path to painting. I am currently in Montefalcone di Val Fortore. The constant in my life is the love for the art, the search continues deepening of the sense and ways of expression of emotions.

and a compositional ability that allows him to fill the space of the canvas with an enviable

balance indication of reached an artistic maturity " by Beppe Palomba - Art Curator

"I find his artistic research very contemporary and personal. I like his informal,

his compositions which creates through color and the color range that he uses. I find his entire collection, very poetic with contrasts, synchronies and nuances of color, very beautiful and awesome. " by Irene - Galerìa Maudì di Madrid

"Davide De Palma, sannita artist with his works full of color expresses his personality

and his being, blending the colors in swirls of emotions that transmit the image to the observer of its essence, at times, infusing in it the feeling of an image ... "  by Mariateresa De Lucia - Journalist

"The figures have strong colors but at the same time elegant in shades

I congratulate you "  by Giulia P. - Gallery Area Contesa Arte

"Parabéns pelo seu trabalho, uma forma toda especial de compor a palavra ARTE!

Do inconsciente projetados nas pinturas é maravilhoso"

"Congratulations for your work, a particular way of writing the word ART!" the unconscious projected in the paintings is wonderful " by Rodolfo Nascimento

"The pictorial view of De Palma revolves around the fulcrum of abstract art

intended as a pure description of moods through color, lines and shapes that are beyond the objective representation of reality. In this regard, Nietzsche said that "the human understanding is nothing more than a gimmick, a network of metaphors stitched together of our superficial impressions of the world. In their ignorance, people wrongly recognized these family metaphors for the truth. We believe we know something of the same things when we speak of trees, colors, snow, and flowers, but do not own anything but metaphors for things - metaphors that do not correspond in any way to the original subject. " Davide unhinges precisely these metaphors. His landscapes, devoid of any tangible reference, vibrate inside the canvas as if they were the primordial visions flashbacks. His works? small windows into lost worlds. " by Alessandra Chiusolo - Artist 

"I have read, the verve in all its abstract production and the fervent tone he uses.

I appreciated the intense vital charge in his productions, such as 'Rupestre', 'Incombe', 'spatial language', 'Danza' and many others contain a determination, hard to find, where the nuances are perfectly calibrated to recreate harmony graceful movements that stimulate the viewer. " di Dott.ssa A. Soricaro - Art critic 

Artwork "Girasole diurno": Truly a beautiful spiral of colors and musical movements.

Artwork "Idea di ideogramma": Fantastic resolution of a great thought.

Artwork "Danza": You have painted, the rhythm of the dance.

Artwork  "Passion": Large fast flowing river between the shores of passion.

Artwork "Vento portami via": Immense representation of a boat in the sea that carries us toward shores as yet unknown to our minds.

Artwork "Cantico": Great involvement of the structure of the Cantico, which is wrapped in the rhythm of his philosophy, just ecstatic the observer ..

Artwork "La speranza del dissenso nella quiete": With your colors in a masterful movements make more fascinating your art.

Artwork "Antica giostra": On a wave of the sea will create swirls, spirals that describe movements gracefully.

Artwork "Doppio sogno": Symbols that transmit the sensations of two different moods and different lives.

Artwork "Ludico": It is a game of heaven forces who enjoy creating exciting spirals.

Artwork "Tangerine": Striae and light colors that mimic the colors and give off the scent.

Artwork "Miraggio": Is your style, a colorful amalgam river that drags you in dreams.

Artwork "Ritocco di fiamme": Always painting by colors that incite evasion of thought.

Artwork "Faraway land": Always so enveloping and at the same elusive image of colors that you lull on the surface, spreading them not with brushes but with your thoughts, great.

Artwork "Sguardo silente": Getting lost in the immense improbable, beautiful.

Artwork "In lontananza": a light blue desert that brings to the surface layers of memory and memories, as if the sand was hiding, never destroy civilization, beautiful.

Artwork "Tramonto riflesso": These your tales, are reflections of the mind, that sail in the memories of emotional image of nature.

Artwork "Sublimazione": To amalgamate the colors and leave at the same time free from their visual power, describing together with them, the roads leading to the reason of because of how an art that enchants the mind and leaves her disbelief in her thoughts wake.

Artwork "Il concetto e l'espressione": colored emotions, life goes fast, and what matters is to understand the feeling that she felt at that moment, then you have the ability to represent them, and also as a photograph, you paint what no one has ever it 'seen it' perceived ." byGiulio Micheletti - Artist



2011 Solo "Karma" in Orsini Art Cafe '- Benevento

2011 Group exhibition "The Feast of the brigand" in the Artists Park - Montefalcone di Val Fortore (Benevento)

2011 Group exhibition, "Solidarte 2011" Exhibition rooms Castel dell'Ovo - Naples

2012 Group exhibition, "Call to Arts" in the Town Hall - Reino (BN)

2012 Solo "Mojito Art" in Art Mojito - Benevento

2012 Solo "Old Hermitage" in art halls of the Hermitage - Foglianise (BN)

2012 Group exhibition "Source of Art" in the feast of corn - Foglianise (BN)

2012 Group exhibition "Abstractions" Art Project Away Studio-Gallery - Benevento

2012 Group exhibition, "Tastes and colors" Art Project Away Studio-Gallery Benevento

2012/2013 Group exhibition, "different arts" in the Theatre of Different - Barga (LU)

2012/2013 Solo "Art & Music" in the exhibition halls of De Ieso M. - Pago Veiano (BN)

2013 Group exhibition, "Souls" in Art Project Away Studio-Gallery - Benevento

2013 Group exhibition, "Life Artist's tribute to Gino Paoli" in the Palace of Montemiletto Tocco - Napoli

2013 Solo "Baccaro Art Gallery" in Baccaro Art Gallery - Pagani (SA)

2014 Group exhibition, "Benevento in time travel" in Residence Atlantiques - Benevento

2015 Group exhibition "Inside Art Expo" Palace of Geocons. Milan

2015 Group exhibition "Contemporary Art Exhibition" in exhibition halls cultural association Art Love - Rome

The interview with Davide De Palma the journey of knowledge with the Arts Various artists - 2013 edition,

The group exhibition, staged in the theater spaces of Different to combine the theatrical language also the many messages of other art forms. The exhibition, a collection of paintings, sculptures, photography, graphic design produced by emerging artists from all over Italy, has been extended until 20 April.

It indicates a phrase that summarizes for you the way you make art

The art, in my opinion is the more primordial is inherent in man. The images are able to evoke the deepest emotions of the human soul. This is my research, to make works that are directed without artifice or subterfuge, that go cleanly to arouse in those who look at, emotions, feelings and thoughts. It is' my way to convey feelings, bypassing the common rules of communication.

Davide De Palma, born and raised in Benevento, after technical studies have studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. How did the transition to the artistic path and what was your first painting?

The path is concatenated over the years through my various passions and my experiences. The transition to painting took place in a natural way and the same goes for my first painting that is called "Untitled, 2004". Since then it continued my research in the pictorial world through informal abstract.

You cultivate, from an early age also love to poetry, music and literature. How much influence do these disciplines on your pictorial creations?

Certainly they affect each other share the same matrix, the harmony. Which it is primarily expressed in the music that has influenced and that influences my work in color and harmonic research.

You have participated in numerous group exhibition, and several solo, your vision is characterized from abstract painting as a pure description of moods through color. Your creations have been called "small open windows of lost worlds." How much work is upstream of the creative act?

Every painting is the result of intensive research work, study. Born first in my mind as if it appeared in a dream. Then takes place the creative act, which I call "evocative" because it goes to regain that feeling, that image already determined. The works then become a daughter of the other with the research succession.

What kind of relationship do you have with the theater?

Excellent. I think between the arts have the most effective expression of the human soul with all its facets. In this sense we can speak of culture, linked to the deep knowledge of the human being.

"Arts Different", was born as the search for contact between the contemporary figurative art and the world of the theater, is an attempt to deeper dialogue between different forms of expression. Share your feelings about the experience.

It is a very interesting experience merge two arts which together form a paradox, merge the "noise" of the visual arts to the "silence" of the theater. The theater expresses in implicit way, undisclosed, quiet what figurative art shows in your face and without shame.



"Duemila", monthly of cultural information: interview with Davide De Palma, artist painter

What does it mean for you "being an artist" and dedicate yourself to art?

That is my way to communicate, convey emotions, values, sensations, that in other forms are not capable of doing. Dedicate myself to art is a continuous work a search for new ways of expression and concepts. The greatest joy I have is to see the emotion that proves who keep my works, you know to be able to convey a feeling.

Your studies will have taken a long time? How many years is active in its field?

I have always had a passion for drawing, music, poetry. For me the study, research, insights are continuous. I am a self-taught, I attended in 2003, two years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna where I lived my move to painting and started from that moment my production of paintings oriented informal abstract art.

How to build an image which it wishes to create?

Comes from a study, observing nature, the capture certain nuances that need meditation to be appreciated. The image then arises in my mind is the paint through an evocative act.

Fantasy and reality, do you offer many ideas to give life to a series of paintings?

Nature is my inspirational source, I pass on the canvas the emotions I feel in observing it and contemplating it.

What are the best phrases and comments you received from anyone who could admire and appreciate your art?

What joy and satisfaction is to hear the appreciation of those who look at my paintings. And, to see in the face the expression that sometimes is of amazement, others of joy and others of exaltation, see the painting through other eyes.

What do you need to be artists? Which adjectives in this field describe it better?

I do not know, I think art is the medium and the artist is the instrument. Nature expresses its deep beauty. Through art.

Can we talk about the various exhibitions he has set up and organized to date? Are there some who prefer to remember with enthusiasm?

I remember with enthusiasm all the exhibits I attended. The encounter between artist and spectator remains very interesting.

How much does Maestro De Palma cost his art? And what are the expenditures for their implementation?

I made unique works by hand-made oil on canvas, I never wanted to make reproductions or copies. Costs for painting are based on size, fabric, frame and color. The true cost of the artist is how much of his work, effort and passion can put in. Each of my paintings comes from a research path, a study of new techniques and new expressive concepts, and in everyone is enclosed he work done to that point.

Do you have points of reference in the history of art for centuries nowadays?

I always saw art as a historical complex from primordial cave paintings to contemporary art. The artistic movement that has given me more stimuli is the Impressionism and the painter gives me emotions is Vincent Van Gogh. Such influences are certainly present, though not entirely visible in my works, as confined to chromatic research.

Do you have any good memories to share on your travels or experiences abroad?

No artistic experience abroad for the time being. I hope to attend some exhibitions abroad in the near future.

If you could write on your canvas, for example, what would you like the audience to read?

I would like to combine a poem that expresses with words, what the painting conveys with the images.

How can you find serenity, tranquility, and time to "build mind with your mind"?

The most restless, agitated moment and the search for the image, in front of the white canvas. Then, I have the balance, the concentration and the serenity to be able to impress in the canvas, what is defined in the mind. At that moment when it is only painting as an active meditation, it is therapeutic for me, it makes me feel good.

Is it enough for culture in our country today? Maybe in other areas do you do more?

We come from a unique cultural history in the world, we have an extraordinary heritage, yet it is really little. Surely in the rest of Europe and in many other parts of the world, culture is valorized, appreciated, and there is a collective awareness of what is the value and richness of culture.

The programs for the future? Intentions or dreams to be realized?

Continue my artistic journey. I still have a lot to say and express.

Are there any new ones too? Ever exposed and never "criticized"?

Yes. My production is active at the moment, I have many paintings that have never been exposed. I will soon become a staff member where my last works will be exhibited.

Who would like to admire his creations as remote as he can do?

You can view the gallery on my site, where I have more information, reviews, news and blogs. Works are available for online sale.

An invitation to anyone who read this interview to know it?

The beauty of an artwork lies in the eyes of those who look at it, the emotions that they experience in watching a painting are personal, subjective. Stutter for a moment to contemplate an artwork, waiting for something to come, feeling something. You do not have to "understand art" to feel an emotion, just be human.