Faveus – the pure color

“Faveus” art movement of short duration but high developmental impact in the art world. In their works is “The exaltation of pure color” the use of an “explosive color”. It is no longer important if the meaning of the work but it becomes important to the shape, the color, the immediacy. The emotional impact of […]

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Vassily Kandinsky 1926 Several Circles

Abstract art

The abstract is a very ancient form of art, although over time it has undergone several evolutions and changes to the present day where it has become a true and recognized form of communication. Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian painter born on December 4, 1866, with an artistic production from 1896 to 1944, starting with expressionism […]

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Vincent Van Gogh

Art Aphorisms

“Art is a collaboration between man and God, and the less man does, the better it is.” André Gide “Some artists have a way of living and a way to make art, for me there is only one.” Janis Joplin “Art is the only work suitable for those who are not long with others and […]

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mostra collettiva d'arte Benevento

Collective art exhibition “Benevento in viaggio nel tempo”

I participate in the art exhibition “Benevento in viaggio nel tempo” Artists of the Sannio at the Residenza Atlantici in Viale Atlantici Benevento for the whole summer 2014

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Art exhibition of De Palma Davide “Karma” in Orsini Art Cafe Benevento

Karma ‘from the Indian’ Kárman ‘indicates the principle of’ cause-effect ‘in Indian religions and philosophies. A concatenation principle according to which each action causes a reaction. This is the theme of the recent pictorial research of De Palma, which the artist mentions Alessandra Chiusolo has defined as a set of ’emotional landscapes’. “Light and color […]

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