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Quadri dipinti a mano, unici : Collezione "Paesaggi emozionali"

Hand-painted paintings, unique : “Emotional Landscapes” Collection

Hand-painted paintings, unique and exclusive for sale online, created in a single original, by the Artist Painter Davide De Palma Contemporary artworks, originals, inspired by the harmony of nature, by the suggestion of light. In this “Emotional Landscapes” collection of hand-painted paintings, the artworks are inspired by the reflection of light at sunset, by the […]

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Opera astratta di grandi dimensioni "Stairway to heaven" 200x110 cm

Contemporary artworks on canvas: “Extra large” Collection

Contemporary artworks on canvas for sale online, made in a single original, by the Artist Painter Davide De Palma Exclusive, original works, inspired by the harmony of nature, by the suggestion of light. In this “Extra large” Collection of abstract paintings, the gestural works of expressionist inspiration are created on large canvases. Big size, big emotions. Works […]

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quadri astratti in vendita online

Original abstract paintings: “Compositions” Collection

Original abstract paintings for sale online, executed in a single original, hand painted by the Artist Painter Davide De Palma Exclusive, original works, inspired by the harmony of nature, by the suggestion of light. In this “Compositions” collection of original paintings, the aerworks are juxtaposed to each other, creating a harmonious balance. Suitable for an […]

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Il colore rispecchia lo stato d’animo, Arcobaleno

The color reflects the mood

  The color reflects the mood: happiness is yellow, depression is gray   The favorite color of the depressed is not blue but gray. Manchester University researchers investigated the relationship between mood and color. Gray, yellow and blue were the possible options. Those who are ill choose cold tones while those who are well choose […]

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Rainbow rhapsody 40x100 quadro astratto in vendita online

Chromotherapy: the effect of colors on our brain

Curing with colors is possible. The effect of the different shades on our mood is now proven, but colors can also influence vital parameters: to prove it is a study by the Neurology head of the San Raffaele Pisana Institute in Rome, Piero Barbanti. The study analyzed not only the influence of colors on mood […]

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Mostra arte castel Ovo Napoli

Collective art exhibition “Solidarte 2011” exhibition halls Castel dell’Ovo Naples

The Parliamone Cultural Association, Orsini Art Cafè and the “Julia M. Cameron” Academy of Photography in Benevento have joined “Solidarte”, an exhibit exhibition included in the “Santa Claus of the Financier” event organized by the Campania Regional Command of the Guardia di Finanza and sponsored by the Campania Region and the Municipality of Naples. “Solidarte” […]

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Me at work

Me at work

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hans hartung

Informal art

After World War II, both in Europe and in the United States, was born the Informal Art. For me it is the highest expression of Abstract Art in which the artist, after sending disused traditional instruments hitherto used to paint, start exploring new techniques, new concepts of expression, new chromatic harmonies. Since that time the […]

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Emil nolde - espressionismo

Expressionism, the language revolution

Expressionism, a European cultural movement born in the early 1900s, was the revolution of language that opposed the subjectivity of Impressionism its subjectivity. The bases of expressionist poetics are the soul of the artist to reality, without mediation, are the “eyes of the soul” that induce the rebellion of the spirit against matter. In the […]

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Purple emotion 2017 70x50 olio dipinto moderno astratto

Decorating with paintings

The decor is a personal projection is the applied taste. Everyone chooses what makes him feel good and comfortable. The choice of decorative paintings becomes something unconscious, spiritual, it seems almost a non-conscious, primitive choice. The colors, shapes, technique and emotions contained in each work of art are unique, they are original in that framework […]

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