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Davide De Palma

Montefalcone di Val Fortore (BN)


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Artlimes- Davide De Palma - Artist of the week 2020
Artlimes – Davide De Palma – Artist of the week 2020

Solo exhibition “Essence of gesture” – 2021 Personal exhibition – Sino-Italian Design Center – Italy / China

“Essence of gesture” – Personal exhibition

Contact website Artist Painter Davide De Palma


Abstract paintings made in single original

“Create is always choose, whether on sections of words, that of notes or colors, and in the case of painting of Davide De Palma

the choice leads to the results where are superimposed  very particular chromatic sensibility ,  with the choice of shades and personal texture, and a compositional ability that allows him to fill the space of the canvas with an enviable balance indication of reached an artistic maturity ” by Beppe Palomba – Art Curator

“I find his artistic research very contemporary and personal. I like his informal,

his compositions which creates through color and the color range that he uses. I find his entire collection, very poetic with contrasts, synchronies and nuances of color, very beautiful and awesome. “ by Irene – Galerìa Maudì di Madrid

“Davide De Palma, sannita artist with his works full of color expresses his personality

and his being, blending the colors in swirls of emotions that transmit the image to the observer of its essence, at times, infusing in it the feeling of an image … ”  by Mariateresa De Lucia – Journalist


 “Painting is dancing with colors, is to tell a mute poetry, surprised to see the world through the eyes of a child, a hymn of joy to life. Painting is my meditative act, is my Karma”


The power of color, its harmony, the chromatic sensations   


The abstract communicates through the hidden and veiled effect of things, through the light, the gesture  the chromatic choice


The exclusive experience of a commissioned artwork that reflects  their spaces, their harmonies