Reviews of sold artworks created in a single original



Sold artwork “Over the rainbow II”


Hi Davide,

I just received your painting and am very pleased with it. Even though it is still at a provisional place on the nail of its predecessor, it looks fantastic in my office. Thank you very much for letting me have it,

kind regards, Christian.

Vincenzo M.


Sold artwork “Again lost in blue”


“Good evening Mr. De Palma,

The painting arrived, everything ok… I finally managed to get the painting to its destination… It has now been placed at the entrance.

Thanks again, regards, Vincenzo


United States of America

Sold artwork “Fragrance of flowers


I received your painting today. Looks beautiful.
I hang in the entry way of my house so you can see it coming through the front door.

Very happy with my purchase and the delivery

Thank you, Chris”



Sold artworks “Gestural, triptych” and “Colors inside me”


“Dear Davide, Thank you for the professionalism and timeliness with which the three works ordered by us were sent. Her creations have brought light, color and energy into our home. The biggest surprise was the brightness and intensity of the colors. The brushstrokes are strong and decisive, the colors seem to dance and merge with each other and invite the mind to flights of fancy. We are sure that the paintings will give us joy and emotions for a long time. We wish her much success and will continue to follow her professional career with much interest.”



Sold artwork “Gesture”


“…I also wanted to write to you to tell you that your artwork has arrived in good condition and is even more beautiful in real life than in the photos. We’ll hang it up over the weekend and I’ll send you a couple of photos. My husband and I are sure that the painting will give us so much joy every time we look at it and I promise you that we will treat his work with care and respect. Thank you also for your letter and for the promotional discount which I hope to be able to use soon for another of your creations. Talk to you in the next few days and in the meantime I wish you a good weekend.

Good evening”


United States of America

Sold artwork “Le vie en rose”


“Dear Davide, Thank you for this amazing piece! It reminds me of the ocean and beautiful sunset skies, and that « la vie est belle!! »

Warm regards, Donna”


United States of America

Sold artwork “BLue sky III”


“A splendid abstract painting from Davide!


United kingdom

Sold artwork “All colors in a Jazz composition”


“…I’m so happy with my painting it’s absolutely brilliant 🤩 … Amazing thank you



United States

Sold artwork “Osmosis”


“Hello Davide! I received the painting and it’s beautiful. Thank you so much for your beautiful work!!! I’ll treasure it. Best wishes,



United Kingdom

Sold painting “Storm”


“Great work, really like it.”



Sold artwork’s “Infinite, quadriptych”


Beautiful artworks, full of light. Arrived perfectly packaged. They gave life and color to my living room. Thank you very much for your professionalism and kindness




Sold artwork “Bird flying”


Hello Davide, your artwork has arrived in good condition, thank you. Live it is really intense as I hoped; I really like the set of colors, so much so that I bought a second one, the “Seed power”, because I believe it deserves like so many other works by him. A sincere appreciation for his work and good luck for other satisfactions and growing sales. Soon


Gagan and Rima

United Kingdom

Sold commissioned painting “Infinity reborn”


“Hello Davide“Infinity Reborn” has finally made it onto Rima’s wall and it looks AMAZING!! It really is fantastic and we both absolutely love it. You are a brilliant artist and we love your work!

Gagan and Rima”


United States

Sold painting “A light inside I”


“Hello Davide, Yes, the painting arrived in perfect condition! And it looks beautiful in my bedroom! Just as I imagined,  but the colors are even more vibrant in person. I’ve attached a few images to show you it’s new home.  Thank you so much for all your courtesies. Best regards,




Sold artwork “Yellow vision


Dear Davide … The painting arrived on Monday afternoon, the artwork fully corresponded to my expectations, the colors are very bright and give a pleasant energizing sensation to the eye. I hung the picture without a frame because I thought the frame would take away something rather than add. I take this opportunity to renew my esteem and appreciation for you. Yours sincerely




Sold artwork’s “Final journey, triptych


“Hi Davide, yes, everything went well and I really like the paintings which even look more lively as on the pictures in the internet. Can’t wait to hang them on the wall – as soon as I am allowed to return to my office due to Corona restrictions. Thank you so much and greetings from Germany


Andrea e Cinzia


Sold artwork’s “Spring coming, diptych


“Hello Davide, the paintings arrived in perfect condition and live they are very beautiful. As soon as we hang them, we will send you the photos! … As promised, we send you the photo of the paintings just hung in the house, confirming our full satisfaction with the works. Have a nice day and see you next time…!

Andrea e Cinzia


United States

Sold artwork’s “Spring”, commissioned work “Spring II” and “The perfect storm


“…Finally got the third painting stretched and so wanted to send you pictures.  They are beautiful!!!”


United Kingdom

Sold artwork “Nostalgic


The painting has just arrived after an extensive tour of Italy! I couldn’t be more pleased with it – it’s absolutely beautiful.



Sold artwork “Heart in dim light


“Heart in dim light” is the third artwork that I buy from Maestro De Palma, and it is the further confirmation of the attractive force of his works, which manage with a skilful unconventional chromatic game to keep you glued to observe them in order to give the your subjective interpretation, with the knowledge that it will not be the authentic one. Apart from the artistic merit, the organizational seriousness and the kind availability of the artist should be highlighted “



United States

Sold artworks “Singing noise” and “Fragrancy


I’m an unconventional Art lover, having spent a long time in combat as an Airborne Ranger and not having myself taken up painting for it’s therapeutic qualities, I instead have embraced living vicariously through the medium of Mr. DiPalma’s moving works of Art. I’m frankly moved by the vibrant and emotionally cogent Colors and brush strokes and lose myself in their mastery of color and feeling… and the solace I find there allows me for a brief moment to forget about the horror of warfare.



Sold artwork “Idyll in yellow


“I think the best review is the purchase of a second work by the artist De Palma, which confirms with facts the positive, but presumptive, evaluations that had casually led me to this painter. The seriousness and organizational efficiency are now a certainty! In the work “Idyll in yellow” I was struck by the pictorial magic of the artist, who managed to enclose in a small canvas an irrepressible force released by the combination of warm, almost fiery tones with swirling shapes. Advance that there is no two without three ….




Sold artwork “Eclipse of the moon


“Hello Davide, After a long online search and a first reading of the paintings that interested me, “Eclipse of the moon” chose me. The work is beautiful, it has an engaging and assertive strength, transmitting warmth with its orange tones. Perfect shipping and packaging.




Sold artwork “Here comes the sun


“Hi Davide, Just to let you know, our painting arrived this morning, many thanks. Although the true colours of the painting are hard to appreciate on the internet, we do enjoy it and it will look good in our home. It’s was a present for my wife. We both like it and we are growing to love it a little more each day, as it makes us feel happy just looking at it. Best regards,


United Kingdom

Sold artwork “Rose without thorns


Davide was very helpful and responsive to our questions. We are really pleased with our new picture! Thanks!



Sold artwork “Last night”


“Good morning Davide, the painting has arrived intact and with great pleasure I must say that it is more beautiful live than in the photographs. Your painting technique and the use of colors have satisfied my tastes. Thanks and good continuation.




Sold artwork “Spring colors & Blue sky diptych”


“h Davide, I just opened the paitnings … They are really very beautiful, thanks 

Have a good day, 




Sold artwork “Osmosi II”


“Hi Davide, the work has fully met our expectations. It is beautiful and everyone liked it. I trust you that, while we were meditating on the purchase, we prepared a space exclusively for him. It is located in the entrance of the house, where everyone will see it.

Tore “


United Kingdom

Sold artwork “Life’s flux II”


“We had spent a while looking at this picture online and eventually decided to buy it. Davide was excellent at responding to our enquiries and packaged up / posted the painting in just 1 business day. It arrived soon after, very well packaged and in perfect condition. We love the painting which is perfect for our living room wall! It looks so much better in person than on the website. Although the photos online show the picture they’re not able to do it justice. Over all we’re delighted with the painting and the interaction / service from Davide.




Sold commissioned artworks “Infinity remake – triptych


“The artworks have arrived, they are beautiful seen live! Thanks again, I will probably buy more in the future … See you soon!

Andrea ”


United Kingdom

Sold artworks “Horizons II and Horizons IV”


Hi Davide, The paintings did indeed arrive.  They are very vivid and beautiful!  Even better than the pics on your website.  They will be going up in my new apartment in a couple of months.  

My office has also bought a couple more pieces from you.  Looking forward to receiving those too! 

Keep painting!  Grazie mille.

Kind regards,
Sheryl ”



Sold artwork “Destiny”


“Hi Davide … I really like the painting and I am happy with the purchase, it is also very good where I thought of it … Thanks for the letter I found behind the canvas and for the discount you gave me, Thanks again, congratulations




Sold artwork “Pure colors


“Hello David. The painting is really very beautiful, the colors are warm and bright, they are even better live than in the photo. I am very satisfied, so much so that I had thought of putting it in a less visible part of the house, but seeing it I changed my mind and positioned it at the entrance. Thank you very much, Greetings



United States

Commissioned artwork “IBM on the sky”


“Davide is a wonderful artist..



United Kingdom

Sold artwork “Autumn leaves I”


“Excellent communication at all stages and prompt delivery.


Mark and Nadia

United States

Sold artwork “Soft fancy”


“Painting arrived in perfect condition as we have come to expect with Davide. We love his work and will continue to buy art from him.

Mark and Nadia

Mark and Nadia

United States

Sold artwork “Angel on  fire”


“Another win from our favorite artist! The painting arrived in perfect condition as always and exceeded our expectations. We are so, so happy with everything we have purchased and all of our interactions with Davide!

Mark and Nadia

Mark and Nadia

United States

Sold artwork “Ride the storm”


“Once again, Davide exceeded our expectations throughout the entire process of acquiring this exceptional piece! The painting arrived in perfect condition and was exactly as described and depicted. We absolutely love it and hung it immediately! Can’t wait to find our next treasure from Davide! ~Mark and Nadia



Sold artwork – “Fairy tale, Triptych


“Hi Davide, the artworks have arrived in perfect condition. Live they are even more beautiful. Bright colors in an engaging movement … what to tell you, the umpteenth confirmation after the paintings I took some time ago. Thanks again.

Vanessa “



Sold artwork – Commissioned painting “Languido fuoco II”


“Hi David, the painting is wonderful! Already hung and we are really happy with the result thanks a lot and the next 

Manuela “



Sold artwork “Distracted dream III


“Yes the painting arrived safely. We look forward to displaying it in our new home … Thank you so much! 




Sold artwork’s “Skyline II e Deepest night I


“Good morning Davide … the paintings are beautiful, thank you very much! 

Manuela “


United States

Sold artwork “Moods, Triptych


“Absolutely love my new art work! Will be purchasing more!!



United Kingdom

Sold artwork “Rule exception”


“Absolutely love the artwork, perfect service and would definitely buy from Davide again!

Mark and Nadia

United States

Sold artwork “Revolving time, Triptych”


“Our overall experience with Artfinder in general and Davide De Palma specifically has been amazing! As with other reviewers, we were skeptical about purchasing original artwork with only online pictures to go on and from an artist unknown to us. However, we could not be more pleased with the whole process. Davide’s communication was prompt and thorough. We ordered three paintings; they arrived together with no damage whatsoever and in the time specified, likely because they were packaged meticulously and with great care. The dimensions were exactly as listed and the paintings appeared precisely as depicted in Davide’s photos. We hung them as suggested and they are absolutely the focal point of the room! We smile every time we see them. If you see a De Palma piece that you love but are nervous about authenticity, delivery, or communication, don’t be. Davide WILL take care of you! Better buy it before we do.  ~ Mark and Nadia


United Kingdom

Sold artwork “Crimson rivers”


“Wonderful piece, vibrant colours and the perfect size for our white wall. Communication with Davide was great. The paining arrived sooner than expected and well boxed for transportation. We love it – Thank you



Sold artwork “In the flower”


“My painting,” In The Flower” just arrived–on time and in excellent condition–and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!! I LOVE it and it’s gorgeous! It was easy to purchase–Davide was prompt and friendly with his messaging to me. The painting arrived just when he said it would. Davide is a talented artist and I am so proud to have such a beautiful work of art. All the best to Davide and his continued success on Artfinder. Warmest Regards, Cheryl Feragen

Kit and Jo

United Kingdom

Sold artwork “Misty”


“We love the picture we brought and are hoping to add to our collection. Cannot fault the service we received. Jo and Kit



Sold artwork “Tenero gesto”


“Dear David, I spent half an hour watching his work, enchanted. Already from the photo I was impressed, live is even more impressive. The features of a woman can be seen, which in reality has been lost in the dream; one sees a “tender gesture” that has already become, in that very moment, a loss. Tenderness and melancholy. Gorgeous. Thank you very much for this wonderful work and for your kindness. Best regards



United Kingdom

Sold artwork “Dolphins


“Davide packaged the painting very well and it arrived from Italy promptly and in perfect condition and exceeded expectations. It is now in situ in my living room and makes me happy when i walk in the room  This was my first time using Artfinder and i will definitely use again


United Kingdom

Sold artwork “Antique”


“The artwork is beautiful, it looks amazing on my wall. The colours are more vibrant and the paint has texture which makes it very tactile. I have purchased several paintings from art finder and this is by far my favourite.




Sold artworks “Voyajeur” e “Slow breath”


“We love our Artwork – in fact we loved it so much we bought another one! The artist kept us informed about when we could expect it, the packaging was exceptional and both paintings arrived on the day!


United States

Sold artworks – Commissioned painting “Vibrant bright”


“I got a custom order from Davide. Davide was easy to work with, listened to my needs and discussed everything thoroughly — color, space, theme, etc. The art was excellent!” 




Sold artwork “Ritocco di fiamme


“Hi David. The live opera is even more beautiful and transmits strong emotions. I appreciated details that I could not telematically notice, like the “flames” in relief and the exceptional shades of color. I am fully satisfied …



United Kingdom

Sold artworks “Color of the sound” e “In lontananza


“Exactly what I wanted!


United States

Sold artwork “Effluvio”


“The artist ”Davide de Palma”…: He has been a tremendous good advisor throughout my purchase project – listen to him and follow his recommandations, he was completely right! I am glad I finally went with his recommandation to add a little natural color wood frame and did not paint it… this way all the focus stay on the beautiful painting. – I sent him pictures of my room and Davide gave me his recommandations. – My painting ”effluvium” is exactly like the picture – no bad surprise so what you see is what you will get and even more! Arrived in perfect condition! The process and communication with Davide has been such a great experience – Always patient with all my questions, my uncertainties to make sure to provide me all The information I need to end up with the right decision for me and make sure I will be totally satisfied of my painting… this is exactly what happen! So, 100% Happy customer from Canada ( French Canadian) that now live in South Carolina, USA and have the joy to have in my house a little bit of Italy with a wonderful masterpiece by the talented artist Davide de Palma. Thank you Davide for everything!!! …So in conclusion go for a Davide de Palma painting and like me you will say ” Magnifico, Splendido” when you will open your box upon the reception of your painting!




Sold artwork “Antica giostra


“Here David has just arrived the painting. Much nicer in real life than in the photos!

Thanks, Julio”


United States

Sold artwork “Psychedelic sunshine


“Davide has a wonderful selection paintings. I am very pleased with my selection. He went out of his way to make the entire experience; from selecting to hanging, a pleasure. I highly recommend anyone looking for a beautiful painting to browse his catalog of work.




Sold artwork “Notte insonne


“Good morning, I received the painting this morning. Beautiful, bright colors that enliven the environment. Compliments. 



Sold artworks “Girasole diurno” e “Contrast


“Good morning the paintings are now my wife and I have just opened them … We congratulate you as much of our great liking, colors and brush strokes of great effect! Thanking for the discount, best regards.
Marco and Monica



Sold artwork “Fugace nuvola”


“Hello Mr. David, the painting was delivered to me yesterday. I like the artwork more than in photography, it’s already hanging from the nail, waiting for the frame … Very well, it goes on like this.




Sold artwork “Mare d’inverno


“Good morning Mr De Palma, The artwork is very beautiful and makes it even more alive … I am very happy with the purchase and I find his works very beautiful. Thanks and best wishes!



Sold artwork “Atmosfera


“Good morning Davide, I can confirm that your live painting is still more fascinating than the published photograph … today I have to bring it to frame …




Sold artworks “Blue darkness” e “Immaginaria”


“Good evening Davide, The paintings are very beautiful, both for the colors and the sense of movement that is perceived … Thank you for these beautiful works and certainly I will live in a few months … Greetings




Sold artwork “Vento nella tempesta


“Bonjour, Oui j’ ai reçu votre oeuvre aujourd’hui, merci! Elle est en excellent état, elle est sublime!! Cordialement.


“Good morning, yes, I received your painting today, thank you! It is in excellent condition, it is sublime !! Best regards.”




Sold artwork “Danza


“Hello David, in fact the artwork is very nice, I like the feeling of movement that emerges from the contrast of colors, from those that then become the dancing figures. The photos give the idea but, well done, in addition to neglecting some details do not return then the overall feeling that the direct look on the painting can give



Sold artworks “L’uno dentro l’altra” e “Acqua bruciata”


“Good morning Davide, I inform you that the paintings have arrived punctually and in perfect condition. I am very happy to be able to see them so closely, from the “alive” in fact, I notice a “dimension” more. This, in my opinion, makes his artworks special. They are really beautiful. Thank you very much,




Sold artwork “Tormento”


“Good seller and very good painter, serious, reliable, courteous. Quality painting”



Sold artwork “Faraway land”


“Davide, a few days ago, the painting arrived perfectly intact in its packaging. The surprise was in realizing how much was more beautiful live, I’m really happy with the purchase and I wanted to congratulate you for your work. See you soon.