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Opera astratta di grandi dimensioni "Stairway to heaven" 200x110 cm

Contemporary artworks on canvas: “Extra large” Collection

Contemporary artworks on canvas for sale online, made in a single original, by the Artist Painter Davide De Palma Exclusive, original works, inspired by the harmony of nature, by the suggestion of light. In this “Extra large” Collection of abstract paintings, the gestural works of expressionist inspiration are created on large canvases. Big size, big emotions. Works […]

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Dedicated to Rothko

Mark Rothko, the most famous american abstract expressionist.   He was born in Daugavpils in Latvia. His family emigrated to the United States when he was 10 years old. He attended Yale University and moved to New York in 1925, where he studied at the Art Students League. His first solo exhibition dates back to […]

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