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quadri astratti in vendita online

Original abstract paintings: “Compositions” Collection

Original abstract paintings for sale online, executed in a single original, hand painted by the Artist Painter Davide De Palma Exclusive, original works, inspired by the harmony of nature, by the suggestion of light. In this “Compositions” collection of original paintings, the aerworks are juxtaposed to each other, creating a harmonious balance. Suitable for an […]

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Purple emotion 2017 70x50 olio dipinto moderno astratto

Decorating with paintings

The decor is a personal projection is the applied taste. Everyone chooses what makes him feel good and comfortable. The choice of decorative paintings becomes something unconscious, spiritual, it seems almost a non-conscious, primitive choice. The colors, shapes, technique and emotions contained in each work of art are unique, they are original in that framework […]

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Vassily Kandinsky 1926 Several Circles

Abstract art

The abstract is a very ancient form of art, although over time it has undergone several evolutions and changes to the present day where it has become a true and recognized form of communication. Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian painter born on December 4, 1866, with an artistic production from 1896 to 1944, starting with expressionism […]

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