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Chromotherapy: the effect of colors on our brain

Curing with colors is possible. The effect of the different shades on our mood is now proven, but colors can also influence vital parameters: to prove it is a study by the Neurology head of the San Raffaele Pisana Institute in Rome, Piero Barbanti. The study analyzed not only the influence of colors on mood […]

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We are pervaded and invaded by the colors, we live in. The colors are around us, within us, they communicate with our soul. “Color is a power that directly influences the soul.” (Wassily Kandinsky) The colors are able to change our mood, to heal, to guide us. The visible spectrum has all the colors ranging […]

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Emil Nolde, master of color

Emil Nolde, one of the greatest expressionists of his time. He wrote: “There is blue silver, blue sky and blue thunder. Each color in the interior has a soul that makes me happy or repels me or that I acts as a stimulus … The colors range between heaven and earth “   Emil Nolde […]

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