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Quadro materico espressionista "Fragrance of flowers" 70x90 cm

Expressionist textured painting “Fragrance of flowers” 70×90 cm

Expressionist textured painting created by me in a single original The technique used is oil on canvas. The canvas is stretched on a wooden frame 2 cm, with hook on the back also. Edges are painted and artwork is ready to hang. On the artwork there is a layer of final varnish that protects against […]

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Il colore rispecchia lo stato d’animo, Arcobaleno

The color reflects the mood

  The color reflects the mood: happiness is yellow, depression is gray   The favorite color of the depressed is not blue but gray. Manchester University researchers investigated the relationship between mood and color. Gray, yellow and blue were the possible options. Those who are ill choose cold tones while those who are well choose […]

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Faveus – the pure color

“Faveus” art movement of short duration but high developmental impact in the art world. In their works is “The exaltation of pure color” the use of an “explosive color”. It is no longer important if the meaning of the work but it becomes important to the shape, the color, the immediacy. The emotional impact of […]

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